Technology - A Perfect Design leads to targeted development

We at AlienSVision develop only the world class master pieces in the app development industry. The super efficient, dedicated and smart-hard-working group of professionals at AlienSVision work in a well mannered team environment where they individually are able to manage and tackle the most complicated tasks in the development.
Our technology department includes variuos tasks and phases to develop what the customer actually wants. Now a days, users are going crazy to buy our apps because of its craziness in itself and a passionate look and feel that makes you stand out of the crowd. We don't develop apps for low or high end mobile users. We simply develop apps that make your person mobile device a well efficient, productive and stylish in all manners. And all this happens regardless the model and price range of your mobile device.
After running our app business only on Google Play Store for 4 years with a successful team and a large group of satisfied clients, now we placed a well planned structure for our clients to expand business in Europe, Asia and Middle East as well.
However, we have previous customers from China, Japan, Korean, Russia, Spain and Saudi Arab.
- We are very happy for our first successful launch of one of the greatest success, the most powerful, appealing, industry-lead and super professional, The one and only one 'Dexo ROT' on our own website. Now in 2017, the 'Dexo ROT' is named as 'GT Dialer Pro'. Dexo ROT was the actual app product developed for Russian clients which gained a huge popularity in other parts of the world in no time. So AlienSVision combined the 'GS Dialer' and 'Dexo ROT' in one app i.e. 'GT Dialer Pro'.

Now it has the followings in major properties in 2017:
- A well managed efficiency to work for professionals.
- A simple, fast but very stylish and world class premium look & feel.
- Tons of features combined from the bottom of 'GS Dialer' and 'Dexo ROT'.
- Incredibly small file size of the complete app (~1.0 MB).
- Most hidden and secret facilities a regular and power user needs in daily use.
- Completely professional giving you all the rights to select and choose what you want.
- Loaded with thousands of tiny modules working together seemlessly.
- Battery saving background proceess to prevent your battery from draining
- Most recent and daily use items are cached and fetched in no time without using regular background process, that saves a lot juice in your device.
- Backup and Restore facilities for seriuos users.
- Direct social networking from within the app itself to LIKE, Share or Subscribe. - Tons of more features, options and facilities to explore. Just use and enjoy.
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