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Loose 15kgs
30 days schedule
Not happy with your body shape?
Start this 30 days program and lose direct 15kgs.
Burn Baby Burn
45 days schedule
Get rid of al your extra fat and be in a slim trim figure in just 45 days.
Moobs Off
60 days schedule
Frustated from Moobs (Man's Boobs)?
For men and Women
Loose upto 15kgs in 30 days with this very fat reduction program
Are you working in an office, company or some organization? Because of that busy and hectic schedules you don't get proper and regular daily time to go to Gym and workouts, etc? Then you are here at the right place because we offer a very well planned schedule for those type of people who are busy or not even willing to go to gym to reduce weight. But they always wanted to look like a model figure or at least unique and attractive in their social and personal circles.
Our well planned 30 days schedule is made after so many efforts and finally successful results to provide you the best weight lose Plan for Diet and/or Workout Whichever you prefer to do or both. Our primary target using this schedule is to lose 15kgs in 30 days if you actually follow our well tested program in daily life. You can adopt Diet and/or workout schedules or both whichever suits you well in your regular life without disturbing your living style and standard.
If you follow this program and after 30 days you meet someone you know very well, he/she can tell you the different without any hesitation. Because you will look like 15kgs less from your 30 days back look. And this all will be done by our well tested program. So if you have desire to lose your 15 kgs in 30 days, you can buy this program.

Still not impressed ???
Not a problem because we are not here to impress you. We offer it all the times when you will see this here on our website. but only one thing you are loosing now and thats time. We have no branches, no shops, no dealers, no publicity planners. We sell these programs here directly on our website only. So you can come back any time you make your mind to get fit in that much less time of 30 days. We also provide you the personal trainer if you need one. You will be charged extra for that depending on how and where you will need your personal trainer and for how many days and at what time.
If you go to malls or cafes or restaurants for junk foods, you are spending about more than $ 150-170 USD a month or may be more sometimes but once you make your mind to adopt and follow our this very plan to get rid of your extra 15kgs, that time you will start feeling really good in your personal and social life. Because everyone will be watching you transforming from fatty or non-fit to just an head-turning figure in just 30 days.

Note: We never ever tell or recommend Steroids in any case.
For men and Women
Want a super shredded body with visible vascularity?
Now its time to leave your old clothes and please get some new and fit stuff for your up coming body in next 45 days.
AlienSVision offers you a well tested Burn Baby Burn program to shred all your fats from your body. You will look like a ripped figure, doesn't matter you want to make muscles or just want to be slim trim. All you need to do is start and follow our Burn Baby Burn program for 45 days and just see yourself in mirror. You will say 'Yeah, I look amazing!'
Everything starting from you wakeup to sleep time will be in your schedule along with the best proved diet and workout plan for your own body type. So need not to worry about anything, need not to ask anything to anyone that what should you eat or drink during the pragram. All you get inside the program to give you results you want.

Note: We never ever tell or recommend Steroids in any case.
Caution: For men only
- Depressed and Frustated from your Man's Boobs?
- Feeling ashamed to enjoy with female friends or partner in social or personal?
- Not happy from even wearing your favorite clothes?
Try our Moobs Off program and get your confident life back to enjoy with your friends, partner and family.
What are Moobs actually?
Moobs are actually the extra or loosen fat on and/or around the chest area in Men. By time, it gets more loosen if its not taken care of. Some men has this problem from birth, some get it from their improper diet, workout or unusual surgeries, etc.
How Moobs are developed?
Moobs or Man's boobs are developed in males due to many reasons. These reasons most probably may include the followings:
- Improper workouts of chest in Gym or Athletics
- Some fat reduction or Muscle building surgeries on chest or Abs area
- Regular to Intense level of Masterbating that reduces the testosterone level and vascularity resulting in Moobs on permanent type basis
- Steroid injections or regular use of drugs that first lead to high Blood Pressure and later makes your metabolism very low resulting in soft chest or Moobs
How to get rid off Moobs (Man's Boobs)?
Our Moobs Off program is designed in such a way that al the possibilities mentioned above are covered and it will give you your desired chest shape and vascularity back in 60 days.
We don't say that you will get rid of Moobs in 1 day or 1 week, it takes at least 60 days with our effective and proved scheduled program. Because none of AlienSVision program, service, schedule or plan is based on Steroid ever.
Our motive is to give you all in most possible natural way so that you don't get any side effects ever in your life. After using our programs and schedules, people are just enjoying their lives back with whatever dreams they had.
Note: We never ever tell or recommend Steroids in any case.
Buy Body Science Secret programs:
Note: We don't use, tell or recommend any kind of Steroids.
Reduce 15kgs in 30 days
$300 USD Only
Burn Baby Burn
$379 USD Only
Moobs Off Hot program, most effective (Only for males)
$449 USD Only
Get High Vascularity in 30 to 45 days
$249 USD Only
Build Real Muscle Mass in 60 days
$279 USD Only
Get Zero Size Figure in just 45 days
$339 USD Only
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