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Desc: AlienSVision Project Instructions (level-1)
Install as npm package
local install
npm install grunt-aliensvision_pi1
global install
npm install -g grunt-aliensvision_pi1
install with project dev dependencies
npm install grunt-aliensvision_pi1 --save-dev

Custom options

punctuation: '.' // inserts '.' at the end of the concatenated file(s).
separator: '\n' // adds new file contents at new line.
reverseUCase: 'no' // yes: converts to Lower Case instead of Upper Case.
removeSpaces: 'no' // yes: removes all white spaces from file contents.
removePeriods: 'no' // yes: removes all '.' from file contents.
normalizePaths: "no" // don't use 'yes' if file contains 'http://'.
trimLeft: "no" // if 'yes', trims leading spaces of every file contents.
trimRight: "no" // if 'yes', trims trailing spaces of every file contents.
trim: "no" // if 'yes', trims leading and trailing spaces of every file contents.
tabToSpace: "no" // if 'yes', converts TAB to single space.
multipleSpacesToOneSpace: "no" // if 'yes', replaces multiple spaces to one space.


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